Commercial: Technology Upgrade for a Modern Fulfillment Center in Corona, CA

Commercial: Technology Upgrade for a Modern Fulfillment Center in Corona, CA

Technology Upgrade for a Modern Fulfillment Center

A client, Sungistix, a premier 3PL warehousing & fulfillment solution based in Southern California (city of Corona), along with One Tree Brands company, reached out to us for assistance.

Network Installation for warehouse


Faced with an expansion of their warehouse spaces, they required a significant scaling of their existing network infrastructure. Our task was to construct an additional network segment in a new space and integrate it seamlessly with the existing setup.

Office wifi network installers

We identified an optimal location for an additional Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) and proceeded to install a rack, a Ubiquiti Pro 24 PoE switch, and a patch panel. Following this, we laid out a fiber optics line to connect the new network segment with the Main Distribution Frame (MDF). In the newly established office spaces, Ethernet lines and wall sockets were installed for physical connections, alongside the deployment of WiFi 6 access points in office areas and the warehouse.

Office network installers in Los Angeles

Network segmentation was implemented to create separate subnetworks for IoT devices, office staff, and warehouse workers, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

Door Access Control

The project also necessitated the installation of access control systems on three doors. For the main entrance, which features a double door with push bars, we integrated existing push bars with a double maglock connected to the Ubiquiti Access Hub. The other two doors were fitted with new maglocks and internal release buttons. G2 Reader Pros were installed on all doors, offering video calling capabilities, and access via pin code, cards, or fob keys.

Door Access Control Installation in Los Angeles

Following a few weeks of utilizing our access control system, the client requested its extension to the older part of the building, replacing an outdated system.

Access Control Solution for Warehouse In Los Angeles


The decision was made to retain the existing camera setup. We replaced a few malfunctioning cameras and upgraded the DVR, integrating it into the general rack system.

This comprehensive technological upgrade has not only expanded the client's network capabilities but also enhanced security and operational efficiency across the board.

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