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Door/Gate Access Control

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For many modern businesses, an access control system is often necessary. These requirements may be dictated by HIPAA compliance, contract terms, or industry specifics.

We install access control systems for all types of doors, gates, garage doors, turnstiles, barriers, and more.

Door/Gate Access Options:

These options are used with a touchscreen reader with a built-in camera.


Fob keys and key cards are fully customizable; they can be of any shape and with any design.

Enterprise Access Hub

For commercial properties that have many doors needing controlled access, there is an option to install a central access hub. This hub can handle up to eight separate areas or doors, which can be interconnected as shown in the diagram. Enterprise Access Hub

Access Management

A flexible system allows you to add and manage users, visitors, groups, and access policies. You can set up individual access policies for different company departments, for instance, programming drivers to have access to the garage, warehouse, lobby, and break room but not to the server room or meeting room. You can also configure the times they will have access to these locations.

Groups can be set up, like a "fulfillment department", and assign policies to all users in that group at once. This is very convenient when adding a new worker or transferring someone from one department to another.

You can add individual users and place them in different groups with different policies. Temporary access can be granted by creating a Visitor entry. Special policies for visitors can be created. For example, a "job interview" policy might provide access through all doors needed to reach the HR Department. Access will be active for a set period and then automatically expire.

Doors can be programmed to be open only during certain hours or accessible only by fob-key at night for a particular user group.

Video Entry Log

The access control system records all actions such as opening/closing doors (including the method used, like keyfob/pin, etc.), video call access requests, and more. Devices with cameras can be set to record on motion detection. Each door can be paired with a surveillance camera, so in the access control log, you will see video recordings of someone opening/closing doors.

Entry Log

We have extensive experience working with small private offices and large buildings. We can also set up a multi-location system for use in several buildings.

We install access control systems for private homes to manage garage doors and gates.
We provide our service all over South California.

If you have questions or want to discuss your project and learn about pricing, please contact us.


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