Ubiquiti UniFi Installation & Setup

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Ubiquiti UniFi Installation & Setup

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Ubiquiti, a leading name in the industry, offers high-performance networking technology for service providers and enterprises. Their technology combines innovative technology, disruptive price-to-performance, and the support of a global user community to eliminate barriers to connectivity on a global scale.

With over 15 years of experience in the technology industry, our team of network engineers and Ubiquiti Installers have honed their skills through a wide range of projects. We've tackled everything from simple home installations to complex corporate network setups. This breadth of experience allows us to anticipate challenges, adapt to your specific needs, and deliver solutions that are both efficient and effective.

Ubiquiti Installers In Los Angeles

UniFi Network Installation and Setup

UniFi network installers in Los Angeles

We offer professional installation and configuration of Ubiquiti Gateways, including models like:

Our setup can involve creating and segmenting networks (for example: a guest network or a dedicated network for IoT or Security Cameras), setting up firewalls, and internal network rules. We also configure VPN servers for remote network access and more.

Our experts have extensive experience in building networks of any scale and can assist with all your needs.

Ubiquiti Rack Installation in Los Angeles

Expert Approach to WiFi Network Creation: We design wireless networks to efficiently utilize resources while ensuring stable, fast wireless connections and maximum coverage. We install and configure all types of Ubiquiti WiFi Access Points, including:

Main Models:

In-Wall Models:

Outdoor Models:

Mega Capacity (High Density):

An essential part of the UniFi Network is switches. We install any model of Ubiquiti switches from standard, professional, to enterprise series.

Ubiquiti Security Cameras Installation and Setup.

Ubiquiti Cameras Installation in Los Angeles

Our service includes designing, installing, and setting up UniFi Protect-based surveillance systems. We cover a comprehensive range of Ubiquiti cameras:

Ubiquiti Security Cameras Installation in Los Angeles

These cameras can be integrated with Dream Machine/CloudKey+ (UCK-G2-PLUS) or NVR (models: UNVR and UNVR-Pro). We also offer Protect Viewport (UFP-VIEWPORT) installations for viewing camera feeds on any local network screen.

Ubiquiti Access Control Solutions.

Ubiquiti Access Control Installers

We specialize in UniFi Access-based control systems for gates, doors, and barriers. Our range of services includes installation and integration of:

Access Hubs

We integrate UniFi Access with various controllers, magnetic locks, and strike locks.

Ubiquiti door access control hubs.

Ubiquiti Readers

Our solutions offer diverse door opening options like video call, PIN code, fob key, key card, and allow configuration of user access and schedules.

Ubiquiti door access control hubs.

For more details, visit our Door/Gate Access Control service page.

We also integrate systems with various 3rd party buttons, push bars, sensors, sirens, etc.

Locations We Serve

At YesTechie, we're proud to offer our Ubiquiti installation services across a broad geographical area. We understand that reliable network connectivity is a necessity, no matter where you're located. Our team of certified Ubiquiti installers is ready to provide top-tier services in the following locations:

YesTechie as one of Ubiquiti Dealers has many items in stock.


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