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Wireless Network Design & Installation

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YesTechie provides comprehensive wireless network implementation services nationwide. Our expertise covers the entire process of wifi installation, ensuring a customized solution tailored to each unique location. With the increasing demand for wifi networks in various sectors, we've successfully installed wireless systems in diverse environments. These include educational institutions like schools and universities, bustling coffee shops, extensive warehouses, hospitality settings like hotels, high-traffic airports, healthcare facilities such as hospitals, and professional business offices. Additionally, we specialize in creating inter-building connectivity for business complexes and educational campuses. Our capability extends to designing and installing wifi networks for virtually any setting.

Comprehensive Wireless Network Design and Planning

Our approach to wireless network design and planning at YesTechie forms the foundation of our exceptional wifi installation services. The process starts with an in-depth assessment of your specific networking requirements. We carefully evaluate the physical layout of your premises, anticipated usage of the network, and any special needs your setup might have. Our skilled team then develops a tailor-made network design that not only fulfills your current requirements but also considers potential future growth and technological advancements. This detailed strategy ensures a perfect mix of coverage, speed, and reliability for your Wi-Fi network, specifically adapted to your unique environment.

Detailed Wireless Survey for Optimal Network Implementation

A professional wireless engineer from our team conducts an extensive site survey at your location. This is a crucial step in determining the most effective wireless LAN solution:

Thorough Cabling Survey for Seamless Connectivity

In addition to the wireless survey, a specialized cabling technician performs a secondary site survey to evaluate cabling requirements for your wireless LAN:

Easy and Reliable Wireless Network Installation

At YesTechie, we make installing your wireless network simple and hassle-free.

Running Cables – Neat and Tidy

First off, our team takes care of all the wiring. We’ll run the Ethernet cables to where your Access Points will be. Our goal? To keep things neat and out of sight as much as possible.

Setting Up Access Points – Secure and Connected


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