WiFi Network Installation for Cold Storage Warehouse

WiFi Network Installation for Cold Storage Warehouse


The main large cold storage warehouse is where sorting and packaging of goods for import/export take place. There are nine separate freeze chambers with various temperatures for different types of products (flowers, vegetables/fruits, meat, etc.).

  • Temperature in the main area: 34°F
  • Temperature in separate refrigerated areas: 32°F to 0°F
  • Ceiling height: 30 feet

WIFI Access Point in cold environment


Seamless WiFi coverage throughout the entire hub, including the separate refrigerated areas.



Weatherproof enclosure for wifi access point

Installing WiFi Access Points in Cold Environments

When setting up WiFi access points in cold environments like a cold logistics hub, it’s crucial to consider several factors to ensure reliable and robust network performance.


Operating temperature of Ubiquiti access points: -30 to 60°C (-22 to 140°F)


To protect against moisture, we used sealed weatherproof boxes.


Access Points Placement:

Three U6-LR access points were strategically placed to cover the large open space.

Nine U6-Pro access points, with one placed in each separate chamber to ensure seamless connectivity even in colder environments.

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