Ubiquiti Access Control Installation for the Office.

Ubiquiti Access Control Installation for the Office.

Installation of Ubiquiti Access Control in the new office of a large company. We needed to install Access Control on the main door, the media room door, and the server room door.

Ubiquiti Access Control Hub and G2 Reader Pro

Fail Secure Locks

We equipped all the doors with Fail Secure locks. In case of a power outage, they can be opened mechanically with a regular key. All three Access Hubs were installed inside the server room. We installed a separate ethernet line for each door for the reader and a low-voltage line for controlling the lock.

Ubiquiti Access Control Fail Secure Lock integration

G2 Reader Pro Installation

Outside the main door, in the common hallway, we replaced the old generic reader with a G2 Reader Pro so visitors could make video calls. The interior doors were equipped with standard G2 Readers, which are opened with plastic cards.

UniFi G2 Reader Pro installation

UniFi Access Hub Installation

We also ran several additional ethernet lines and connected U6-Pro WiFi access points and G5 Dome cameras. We used a Dream Machine SE and a switch with PoE++ ports to manage the entire system.

Ubiquiti Access Hub wiring

Ubiquiti Access Control Installation

Our company's experts will help you plan your network infrastructure, access control systems, and video surveillance cameras. All within a unified structure managed by UniFi. If you are planning a similar project, contact us—we'll be happy to assist you.

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