Access control on double-sided glass door with an aluminum frame

Access control on double-sided glass door with an aluminum frame


Main entrance door to a modern office. Glass double doors with an aluminum frame.

Access Control Double Door



  • Cards for employee access
  • Video call request for entry for visitors and delivery services
  • Door opening using a mechanical key

Access Control Double Door Inside View


  • Mechanical push bars

motorized push bars for access control

Ubiquiti Access Hub Wiring

Ubiquiti Equipment:

Access Control System Installation:

We ran wires inside the aluminum frame of the door (necessary Ethernet lines to connect the Access Hub and G2 Reader Pro, and low voltage lines for the two push bars, one on each door leaf).

Access Control Push Bar

We installed the G2 Reader Pro outside. We embedded it directly into the aluminum frame, resulting in a very clean installation. On the inside of the door, we upgraded the push bars; instead of mechanical ones, we installed motorized push bars that will be controlled by our access control system.

Thus, the reader is used for entry requests, and the door can be mechanically opened with a key. From the inside, the doors open by pressing the push bar. This fail-secure system will work excellently in case of a power outage, and in an emergency, people will be able to leave the premises without any obstacles.

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