Controlling Driveway Gates With Ubiquiti Access Control System

Controlling Driveway Gates With Ubiquiti Access Control System

One of our clients approached us with a request for an advanced gate control system. We had previously designed and installed a network infrastructure for them based on Ubiquiti equipment. Therefore, we decided to use the Access Hub (UA-Hub) and Access Reader G2 Professional (UA-G2-Pro).

Compatibility of the Access Hub with gate controllers.

The Access Hub has many control outputs and various options for their use, making it a highly versatile device compatible with virtually any door/gate/garage door controllers.

The client had an Elite Access Systems Inc. system installed with a LiftMaster Elite Q400 controller and a LiftMaster Elite Q410 Surge Suppression Board.

LiftMaster Elite Q400 with LiftMaster Elite Q410 Surge Suppression Board

Integration of Ubiquiti Access Hub and Gate LiftMaster Elite Q400 Controller 

To integrate the Ubiquiti Access Hub with the gate controller, we connect the Access Hub's control outputs to the gate controller's input designed for external triggers. The Access Hub's flexible configuration allows for compatibility with a wide range of gate control systems, including those that require a specific type of signal or voltage level for operation.

Firstly, the physical connection between the Access Hub and the gate controller is established using the DRY: NC/COM contacts on the hub, which are compatible with the gate controller's input system. This setup mimics the function of the Strike Open Push Button, ensuring that the signal from the Access Hub is correctly interpreted by the gate controller.

LiftMaster Elite Q410 Surge Suppression Board connected to Ubiquiti Access Hub ua hub connection

To finalize the setup, the signal duration (the equivalent of button press time) is adjusted in the Access Hub's settings. This ensures that the signal sent to the gate controller is synchronized with the controller's requirements for gate operation, providing a reliable and efficient integration between the Access Hub and the gate controller.

Hub Settings

The settings of the hub are shown in the screenshots.

As you can see, the hub will send the signal to open the gate 0.1 seconds after receiving the command and will continue to send the signal (simulating the button being pressed) for one second.

ubiquiti access hub settings

Connecting the Ubiquiti Access Reader G2 Professional to the Gates.

The Access Reader is connected to the hub in a standard manner following the instructions provided. The only potential obstacle might be the absence of standard boxes on which you can mount the device.

Custom Mount Box for Ubiquiti Access Reader G2

The client had a leftover post from an old intercom with a cable channel inside. It featured a mounting platform of 4 by 4 inches for 4 bolts. We designed a 3D model of a box and printed it using a 3D printer. The result was a custom mount box: the back side with a 4x4 inch base for bolts and the front side tailored for the UA-G2-Pro, complete with a visor.
Download 3d file.

A Few Words About the Capabilities of Ubiquiti Access Control and How It Surpasses Other Intercoms and Video Doorbells.

The gate can be opened using various methods such as a FOB key, Card Key, PIN, video call, or a smartphone application. You can create accounts for guests and services, assigning them unique PIN codes and schedules. For example, you can set a PIN code for a gardener that will work only from 9 am to 5 pm on Thursdays.

When installing the system, we do not interfere with the settings of the main controller. Emergency Open Key for first responders and the standard sensor for automatic gate opening upon exiting will continue to function as before, remaining directly connected to your controller.

All entry attempts are recorded by the camera built into the Ubiquiti Access Reader, making it very convenient to view and search through these recordings.

The Ubiquiti Access Hub is a highly versatile device that can be integrated with any type of gate or garage door controller. If you're unsure about installing it yourself with your gates or garage door, our technicians are here to assist. We can integrate the Ubiquiti Access Control System with a gate or garage door controller from any manufacturer.

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