Residential: Ubiquiti Dream Wall, WiFi 7 and Access Control Installation

Residential: Ubiquiti Dream Wall, WiFi 7 and Access Control Installation

Project observation

The client purchased a home in a prestigious area of Los Angeles and approached us as professional Ubiquiti installers for consultation and installation of Ubiquiti equipment. We conducted a Site Assessment and discussed the project requirements with the client.

The requirements were as follows:

Ubiquiti Dream Wall, U7-PRO, g5 bullet cameras, ua Access hub

The Dream Wall (UDW) was to be installed in the eastern part of the house in the attic, which was on the same level as the rooms. This attic also housed the switching node of the old telephone system. The previous owner had installed telephone sockets in all rooms, all of which were connected by CAT 6 cable. Therefore, it was decided to use the existing cables, convert the sockets to Ethernet, and connect them to the general network. On the first floor of the house, there was a media closet. CAT 6 cables were also found, running to the television in each room, previously used for transmission from universal remote controls to devices in the media closet. These cables were also decided to be used for Ethernet and connected to the general network.

It was also necessary to install five G5 Bullet cameras around the house's perimeter and connect them to the general network.

Install U7-PRO Wi-Fi access points on the first and second floors of the house.

Install an access control system on the double-leaf entrance door. Install a G2 Reader Pro outside and a G2 Reader inside, as well as an electric strike lock with a recapturing mechanism.

In the end, we ended up with the following list of equipment:

  • Dream Wall U7-Pro
  • Wi-Fi AP x 2 (two access points together with UDW will provide good coverage over the entire property area)
  • G5 Bullet x 5
  • G2 Starter Kit Pro (for installing the access control system on the main entrance door).

Network Installation

During the implementation of the project, we tested all the existing CAT 6 cables and made re-termination on keystones for future sockets. All cables were connected to three patch panels.

We installed the Dream Wall and U7-Pro Wi-Fi access points. In an environment with a small number of clients, they provide very high speeds, making the U7-Pro an excellent choice for a home. The UDW was connected to a 2Gbps AT&T Fiber. Around the house's perimeter, we installed cameras and connected them to the general system.

Access Control Installation and Strike Lock Integration

We have performed many access control installations for doors and gates, but this project was special because it involved a double-leaf door, and we needed to install a strike (fail secure) lock on one of the leaves.

A fail-secure option was chosen because it was a door in a house, and a magnetic lock would not be suitable here, nor does it look good. Additionally, the lock was installed not on the latch, but on the deadbolt, and the lock is equipped with a recapturing feature, meaning a door with an open deadbolt can simply be slammed shut and it will lock. See how this looks in the video. The model of the lock is Assa Abloy 1006CAS-2.
Assa Abloy 1006CAS-2 Installation


We drilled through the door and ran control and power wires to the lock. To get from the frame to the door, we used an Electrified Hinge. Always pay attention to the size of the hinge. You won't be able to use it if it's not the same size as the other hinges on this door.

Inside the house, we installed a G2 Reader, which opens the door when it detects a hand waiving. Outside, we installed a G2 Reader Pro, which allows for video calling, and opening the door using a PIN code, access card, key fob, or through an app.

Access Hub installation

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