House Ethernet Wiring

House Ethernet Wiring

Ubiquity Network Installation

The task of the project is to create a network infrastructure in a large house. One controller, two switches, eight ethernet sockets, eight surveillance cameras, and four high-speed WiFi access points.
In this project, we implemented a comprehensive network infrastructure, offering an integrated solution of wired and wireless connectivity. Our team efficiently installed Ethernet outlets throughout the premises, laying the foundation for a robust wired network.
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Next, we ran Power over Ethernet (PoE) lines to facilitate the installation of IP cameras, enhancing the surveillance capabilities of the location. We further augmented the connectivity by installing and wiring a Ubiquiti WiFi system, providing a seamless wireless network.

The installation of a Ubiquiti Dream Machine offered a sophisticated network controller, encompassing routing, network security, and WiFi access in a single, compact device. To round out the project, we terminated all the wires in a rack-mounted patch panel, ensuring a neat, organized, and easily manageable network setup. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering cutting-edge, reliable, and efficient networking solutions.

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