Residential: Ring Security System Installation

Residential: Ring Security System Installation

As professional Ring installers, we know how to use all the available technologies to their fullest.

We have set up a separate secure Wifi network using the eero access point built into the base station. This network is used by all the wireless cameras.

Inside the house, we installed motion sensors. We also configured outdoor Floodlight cameras to interact with the security system and siren in motion sensor mode.

Sensors were installed on all windows and doors, as well as Glass Break sensors.

The system was configured to work with multiple users, each of whom has a separate PIN to arm/disarm the alarm system.

The system operation was also adjusted considering that there is a large dog living in the house.

If you are thinking about installing a new or upgrading an old Alarm system, it's best to start with a consultation with professionals. Call us, we will help you.

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